Caroline G., Freelance Translator
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Caroline G.

Freelance translator

At your disposal to discuss your project, with you/A votre disposition pour discuter de votre projet.

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"Translation is one of the few human activities where the impossible occurs by principle" - M.A. Rato



English (GB,US,...)>French (FR,CA,...) : More than 20 years experience / Plus de 20 ans d'expérience.


Regular work for international companies and translation agencies/Travail régulier pour agences de traduction et sociétés internationales


Conferences (geopolitics, medicine, tourism...) and films (old tv series, ex: Arsène Lupin (1980)...)/Conférences (géopolitique, médecine, tourisme..) et films (Anciennes séries tv pour l'INA, ex Arsène Lupin (1980)...)


Proofreading & Correction with Spelling, Grammar, Layout... / Relecture & Correction avec Orthographe, Grammaire et Mise en Page...


Microsoft Office Professionnel Plus 2016 (Word, Excel, Onenote, PowerPoint...), Trados, XTM, EZTitles, Aegisub, InqScribe, Antidote, Dreamweaver, Photoshop,...


bmp, csv, dbf, dif, doc*, dot*, gif, emf, htm*, jpg, mht*, mp4, od*, pdf, png, pot*, pp*, prn, rtf, slk, srt, thmx, tif, txt, wmf, wmv, wps, xl*, xml, xps...


Regular Collaborations 2020/2021a

Lingo2Lingo (since 2011), Translation Agency, San Diego (USA) : Business, Communication, HR, Product catalogue, Technics,...
Global Voices (since 2012) - Translation Agency, London (GB) : Communication, Medicine, Oncology, Politics, Sciences,...
SwagMasha/My.Games - Studio of MY.GAMES portfolio, Minsk (BY)/Moscow (RU) : Android Games;
National Audiovisual Institute (INA), Paris (FR) : Subtitling of films;
Lingualife - Translation Agency, Berlin (DE) : Sciences, Pharmacology, Medicine,...
RWS Alpha - Translation Agency, Alberta (Canada) : Sciences, Pharmacology, Medicine,...

Others since 20 years: ATS (Hungary), ECInovation (Hungary), DB Group (Egypt), Msskapstadt (Germany), Tampa Bay Translations (USA), Transperfect (Great Britain), Karzey Traductions (France/Turkey), Verbatim (USA),...

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